Blue Water Holiday Resort

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If the name of “Bluewater” reminds you of something else, you are probably right. This resort is owned and operated by the person behind the famous Bluewater Ferry in Mersing. If you are a frequent visitor to Pulau Tioman or Johor islands such as Pulau Rawa, Pulau Besar and Pulau Tinggi, chances are you have taken the boat rides operated by Bluewater Ferry, which has an almost complete monopoly of the busy tourist routes to these idyllic islands.

Those Looking for a quiet holiday or seeking sea adventures will love Pulau Aur and the treasures it can offer. And, we have the right spot for you too.


There are only 20 room units here, which can comfortably fit from 2-4 persons per room. There is also a conference room at the main reception building, which according to the friendly resort personnel, is often being rented by government officials for meeting-cum-fishing trips.

The resort is equipped with electricity supplied by both Tenaga Nasional power lines as well as an in-house diesel generator. According to the staff, the use of air conditioners inside the rooms had often caused power trips in the whole fishing village, hence backup generator is necessary to appease the villagers and resort guests alike.



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