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Brazil is the largest country in not only South America but Latin America as well. Many has mistakenly assumed that Brazilians speak Spanish but in reality, Portuguese is the local language and also the official language and apparently the only one in the Americas. The capital of the country is Brasilia. Brazil is also famous for its rich diversity and robust culture. Rio Carnival that is held every year is one of the most significant evident to their multicolored culture with expected lively Samba dance performances and vibrant costume and a real fiesta atmosphere. The Bossa Nova style of music also originates from Rio in the late 1950s. The Christ the Redeemer statue is unmistakably one of the most famous attraction of Brazil. Standing at 30 meters tall, its arm stretches over to 28 meters wide, weigh 635 metric tons and is located at the peak of the 700m Corcovado mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park overlooking Rio de Janeiro. The sandy beaches in Brazil are incontestably dazzling with their own charm. The Copacabana Beach Copacabana Beach plays host to millions of revelers during the annual New Year’s Eve celebrations and, in most years, has been the official venue of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup. Additionally, the beaches of Fernando de Noronha such as Pig Bay, Dolphins Bay and Praia do Leão are admired as the recreational divers does not require a wetsuit up until 40 meters due to the visibility of the underwater.

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