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Iceland is well known as the lands of ice and fire, this is because the glaciers and volcanoes located so close to each other. When we heard about Iceland, all we think about is the place covered with ice? No, it is not. The one that covered with ice is Greenland and Iceland is the other way around. When it comes to Iceland, most of people know them as a place which expose with public nudity and Anti-pornography laws. It is fairly well known for being liberal when it comes to sexual issues. Besides that, Iceland have their own food that can’t be find outside of Iceland. The dairy product Skyr is very famous in Iceland and it is considered as a yogurt, but it is actually form of soft cheese and is prized for having a high amount of protein and less amount of fat. Iceland has tons of volcanic activity and mostly 85 percent of Iceland’s energy is from renewable resources, and well over half of that is geothermal alone.

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