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With less than 500,000 inhabitants in the country, Luxembourg, or officially the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is a small country bordered by Belgium, Germany and France. Due to the amount of population with a shy of half a million, it has become the least populated country in the EU, not to mention the incredibly low crime rate which has made Luxembourg one of the safest country in the world. There are many ways to explore this lovely country and one the best ways is to roam around in the city by foot to appreciate the details of the architecture. As for your information, Luxembourg has one of the densest pedestrian network in Europe. Take a stroll in the city region to discover natural, and cultural heritage like The Old Quarters, the Bock and the City Casements and The Walls of the Corniche. Besides that, the National Day week is also a good time to travel. Travelers can find many food and drinks stalls in the streets, music and performances all around, and of course the fireworks display from Museum Dräi Eechelen area in the evening. Some says that the bridge looking out over The Boc is a perfect spot to enjoy the 15 minutes’ firework shows.

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