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Macedonia also known as FYROM, or the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and it is situated in between Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece. But most of the Greeks didn’t like to use Macedonia and instead they used FYROM because they have a region on their own called Macedonia. Macedonia is well known for its cheapest food and accommodation. You can find everything cheap in this country. You can get a hostel for 7 USD and 10 USD per night. Macedonia is not well known country  Croatia but the buildings are very beautiful and historical. One of the natural attraction that most of the people love to visit is the lake of Ohrid which is very beautiful and surrounded by majestic mountains and quaint fishing village. Other than that, Skopje is also one of the best place to visit and it is the home to 284 statues. The people are very nice and friendly. It can be considered as a safe place to visit because of the lovely people who care about traveller and tourist that much, they don’t even care to rent their place at a cheap price just for tourist to stay for a night (6 euro per night) and hitchhiking is a common thing there.

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