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Malaysia is unique with its multi-racial and multi-ethnic which consist of Malay, Indian, Chinese and others, which is very important to attract visitors and tourist as they are desired to learn new culture with its varieties of delicious food according to each race and ethnic. Malaysia is also a home to the ancient rainforest with its endangered inhabitants such as orangutan and sun bear. Besides that, there are plenty of natural destination in Malaysia for example, beaches for picnic and even surfing, Cameron Highland as one of the tropical climate which is the best area for tea planting and mountain in the peninsular Malaysia known as the toughest mountain in Malaysia which takes at least 7 days to hike from north to south. Other than that, Malaysia is the federal constitutional monarchy located in Southeast Asia which consists of three federal territories and thirteen countries. The chief of state is the King and the head of the government is the Prime Minister. As for your information, the location of Malaysia is on the equator, this caused Malaysia to have monsoon and a tropical climate which only have two seasons, hot and rainy.

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