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Located in southwestern of Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is an island nation rich with dramatic topography and a wide collection of biodiversity. The capital city is Wellington and the country is home to multiethnic citizens and national origins. The New Zealanders are known as Kiwis as well as being a regular self-reference nickname.  The country is so island-based that there is no part of New Zealand is more than 128 kilometers from the sea. The attraction of the country includes snowcapped mountain, fjords, coastal glaciers, gleaming coves and many other exciting destinations. For any Lord of the Rings’ fans, the Hobbiton will surely bring joy as it is the most picturesque private farmland where the film shoot for LOTR trilogy was held. For those who prefer to opt for road trips, New Zealand is perfect as travelers could comfortably explore both the North Island and The South Island within a month. With population of approximately 4 million people, travelers are free to have the long roads to themselves. Consider making a visit to Cathedral Cove once you’re in New Zealand because the huge arched caverns with remarkable rock formation is said to be one the best beaches on the peninsula for a crystal clear water and white sandy beach experience.

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