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Turkey is one of the most beautiful and exotic places on earth. Until now, I could not have imagined even in the wildest of my dreams that Turkey could turn out to be one of the most beautiful lands of my acquaintance. It’s stunning scenery and fascinating history has enough to impress anyone with. From the WW1 battlefield of Gallipoli to the legendary city of Troy, from the streets of Ephesus to the 165m high Mount Ararat- the legendary landing place of the Noah’s Ark, Turkey is a legend in itself. In fact, Turkey, a nation which recognizes the equality of the sexes, gave women the right to vote before most European countries and the United States. Deriving its name from the Greek Kallipolis, meaning ‘Beautiful City’, Gallipoli has not failed to earn respect and reverence from its visitors till date. The famous wall surrounding the city of Troy still exists, though in ruins and the ‘replica’ of the Trojan Horse still stands. Another natural fairy-tale like location, Pamukkale, meaning ‘cotton castle’ is famous for is 17 hot springs and travertines. The panoramic view of the place along with the warmth of its hot springs is sure to win the heart of any visitor. As a result of its natural beauty, the place has been transformed into Turkey’s foremost mineral bath spa.

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