Manage Booking

Step For Your Booking


1. Quotations

  • Email / Call us your quotation.
  • We will reply within 1- 3 working days, but for customize packages we will reply within 5 – 7 working days.
  • You will receive through the email with the price.
  • But if you have any amendment make sure ask to make any changes.
  • We will send the final Quotations.


2. Deposit

  • Make sure you pay the deposit within 3 days working hours for the packages and email us a copy of passport.
  • If you did not make any payment, it declare that you are not interested with the packages.
  • The packages will be different price if you late make any payment within the due date.


3. Invoice

  • You will receive a receipt from us and make sure you keep as payment proof
  • You will also receive a invoice for the balance with the due date to make a full payment.


4. Full Payment

  • After you make a full payment, you will receive receipt of payment.


5. Confirmation

  • Within 5- 7 working days before departure, we will give the confirmation letter through email.


6. Departure

  • Make sure you that you present at the airport 3 hours before departure.
  • Check in the flight. If you want meet and greet by our representative surcharge will be apply.
  • Have a happy vacation.