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South Korea is one of the most densely populated countries both in Asia and the world. But this country is well-known by their music art and it is recognized as “K-pop” genre which a combination of singing and dancing. Other than that, it is also famous for its cosmetic and plastic surgery because they provide the best service and the best result. This is the reason why most of their artist are handsome and beautiful. Besides that, it is also well-known because of the beautiful island called Nami island and it is the place where Winter Sonata is filmed. This film has been watched by many people from variety of country in the world and the viewer recognized South Korea culture and tradition through the film. For example, people know that the tradition food of South Korea is Kimchi and for the women in the country need to know how to make the Kimchi, if not, they are not ready to get married.   The majority of South Koreans wear modern Western-style clothing most of the time. Historically, people wore clothes in colors that reflected their social class. Kings and other royalty wore yellow, but common people indicated their modesty by wearing mainly white. The traditional costume or hanbok is a two-piece outfit for both men and women.

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