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Taiwan is located on Western Pacific Ocean near the China Mainland. It consists of Main Island, which is Taiwan and other small islands around it. The geographic characteristic of this island is covered with two over three mountains which is Tropic of Cancer against it. Historically, in the 17th Han Chinese immigrated to the island. Most of them came from the south coast of southeast China. Nowadays, Han Chinese are dominating the population by 98%, while the others consist of 14 aboriginal tribes of the island that have been recognized. The main religions are Buddha and Tao, whom practicing Confucious daily as their ethics. Islam came in the beginning of 1660, which the first group are China armies leads by Ming Dynasty, Koxinga. Then, followed by the second group after World War 2. Taiwan is divided into several parts known as Northern Taiwan, Central Taiwan, East Taiwan, South Taiwan and other few islands. For travelers who are interested in visiting Taiwan, Taiwan is perfect any time of the year due to the climate. Although Taiwan is located in half-tropical zone, the mountainous area does get a little bit too chilly. The fresh air on the mountain area offers a delightful change for the travelers who wants to escape from the hustle and bustle of a city. There are many interesting places to go such as the Northern capital city itself, Taipei and New Taipei. Besides that, in Hualien there is Taroko National Park and the famous Taiwanese hot springs, Jhiben Hot Spring located in Taitung. Discover more other interesting places by travelling to Taiwan. Since it does not have too many visitors, compared to the other countries in its region, they are very happy to have guests. Especially if you have funny-colored hair, which they’ll poke at!

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