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Langkawi Combo Ticket: SkyCab, SkyRex, SkyDome and More

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Activities Information

Prepare for a visit to Langkawi’s premier geo-theme park, Panorama Langkawi, with this combo ticket offering a day of fun activities.

Ride the SkyCab for the ultimate mountain view of Southeast Asia’s most ancient natural scenery! Ride up Machincang mountain where you can get to the SkyBridge, a suspended bridge with transparent floor that offers visitors close-up views of the surrounding treetops.

Look out from the peak of Machincang mountain when you reach the Top Station viewing platforms. At 708 meters above sea level, these views of the Langkawi islands can’t be beat.

Back in Oriental Village, get ready for exciting entertainment experiences. Gaze in awe at the immersive space projections at SkyDome, Langkawi’s premier visual entertainment experience. Feel like an astronaut floating in deep space, with millions of bright stars and flaming galaxies surrounding you.

Put on a pair of 3D goggles and hop on an expedition vehicle for a Jurassic Park-style adventure at SkyRex. The state-of-the-art lighting, smoke effects, and dynamic motion simulation will have you on the edge of your seat as you are immersed in a dinosaur-and-jungle experience.

Finally, have fun with over one hundred 3D art exhibits created by many acclaimed international artists at 3D Art Langkawi. Take amusing photos with friends and family. Be trapped in a bubble or pose with Einstein!

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— Important Info —

  • Children aged 2 and below free of charge
  • Service hours: 9:30 am–6:00 pm
  • Redemption: Telaga Harbour Park
  • Address: Telaga Harbour Park, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah

*SkyCab operating hours are subject to change. Please refer to the official website for the operating hour info

Ride up the side of Machincang mountain via the cable car system and enjoy an exhilarating experience

Stunning view of SkyCab cable cars, Langkawi, Malaysia

View the blue Andaman Sea from your SkyCab car on the way up

Stunning view of the blue Andaman sea from SkyCab, Langkawi, Malaysia

Go to the 125m SkyBridge, ranked among the world’s longest curved suspension bridges (accessible via Top Station)

Stunning view of SkyBridge, Langkawi, Malaysia

Get your adrenaline pumping with high-tech 3D dinosaurs experience at SkyRex

Admire the stars at SkyDome, which presents 3D projections in 360 degrees

Become part of the art at the 3D Art Museum when you can snap fun and inventive photos

Visitors posing on a wooden plank hanging over a cliff in the 3D Art Museum, Langkawi, Malaysia

Glide down the mountain at leisure while enjoying the view

See stunning view as you travel in the SkyGlide, Langkawi, Malaysia

A family standing besides a cable car at the station

Policy / Surcharge:

Price might be different during Weekend, School Holiday and Public Holiday

Package Includes:

  • SkyCab ticket – standard gondola
  • SkyRex ticket
  • SkyDome ticket
  • 3D Art Museum ticket
  • 1 or more attactions (follow package that you choose)

Packages Excludes:

  • Other expenses not mentioned
  • SkyBoutique
  • SkyPos
  • SkyBistro
  • 6D Cinemotion
  • SkyAdventure Park
  • Time Travel


Deposit & Payment

Booking deposit* (non-refundable) of the full payment should be paid after your booking has been verified by Al Masyhur International Travel & Tours. Al Masyhur International Travel & Tours reserves the right to cancel your booking if you fail to make a full-payment 45 days before travelling dates.

* 30% or more deposit is required at time of booking as it depends on type of package.

* RM 1000/person for group series muslim tour package with travelling date more than 3 months.

Additional info for FIT Tour Package included the air ticket

  1. Upon registration and confirmation of airline ticket request, Traveller must remit full payment for airline ticket according to the dateline as advised by the person-in-charge in AMI Travel.
  2. For ground and other payments, traveler must remit booking deposit (a 100 % non-refundable) of 30% from the package price (excluding airline ticket) within three (3) days after registration or according to the dateline advised by person- in- charge in AMI. Balance payment must be made thirty (45) days prior to departure date or according to the dateline as advised by the person-in-charge in AMI.


  • No changes can be made within 48 days before departure
  • If participant wants to come back later or earlier than the expected date of arrival in Malaysia, participant must send an e-mail or letter 45 days before the travelling dates and it is subject to the discretion of Al Masyhur International Travel & Tours. However, Al Masyhur International Travel & Tours reserves the right to reject or accept it.
  • If allowed, any additional cost is participant’s responsibilities. Participant also will be charged for admin fee.



Cancellation fee

40 days or more from travelling dates

100% Deposit

30 – 39 days from travelling dates

50% from package price

30 days from travelling dates

100% from package price

  • Booking cancellation from the participant should be done through email or letter and must be sent to Al Masyhur International Travel & Tours for avoiding any misunderstanding


  1. Price is subject to change which based on currency fluctuation.
  2. Al Masyhur International Travel & Tours reserves the right to amend the itinerary without prior notice.
  3. Malaysian traveller, travel insurance is compulsory for international packages. Travel insurance click here.
  4. There will be no tour leader from Al Masyhur International Travel & Tours that will join this tour.
  5. Refund will not be paid immediately and will take more than 2 months.
  6. All hotel and flight details are for reference only and subject to change till you get the verification from Al Masyhur International Travel & Tours.
  7. Not all hotels provide electric kettle and ironing facilities. It is advisable to bring your own.
  8. Not all hotels have triple room. So that, triple sharing room is based on twin sharing room with extra bed. Each room must be at least 2 adults paying full fare then only follow by child fare.
  9. This package is not includes flight ticket unless it is stated, you will be charge RM 40/ticket/person if you want to book flight tickets with us.
  10. Validity of the passport must be more than 6 (six) months from arrival date.
  11. A copy of passport should be emailed to the tour officer 45 days before departure
  12. It is advisable to check and ensure that you are eligible to go to overseas and your name is not being blacklisted. (’Blacklist’: Bank Debts, PTPTN and others). We will not hold any responsibilities if you are not allowed to travel on the day of your departure. Check status here
  13. For package with Halal meals, meals are suitable for Muslims except breakfast which will be served in standard international buffet menu. In places which Halal meals are hardly to find, we will serve meals based on seafood, vegetarian or packed halal meals.
  14. Terms and conditions are provided for your information. Once you book this package, we will assume you have read our Terms & Conditions
  15. No refund or reduction will be made to any member in for accommodation, meals, sightseeing tours, transport or any other services which are included in the tour fare but not utilized by the tour member due to personal reasons.
  16. The price shown above is min 2 persons unless it is stated.
  17. For group series if we have less participant, the participants will be combine with our consortium partner.
  18. If you are satisfied with the tour, you can write your review by clicking the link based on the branch you are dealing with either Selangor Branch / Johor Branch. Otherwise you can submit your complain to the management through email at [email protected] for further action.


Although we try our best to ensure that the information that we display is correct, we cannot guarantee its accuracy and as such do not accept any liability should any information be incorrect. The information provided within late availability and exclusive deals is accurate and available at the time of entry however, it is not real-time. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the offers will be available upon further enquiry. We are not responsible for the content of any other websites that we provide links to.


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