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China is one of the largest nations in the world and has a deep, rich history. Some of the things that make China so popular are its ancient traditions, culture and medicinal practices. China’s alternative and traditional medicines are adapted in western countries and are supported and practiced by western health care professionals. The Great Wall of China is considered one of the wonders of the world and attracts tourists from all over the globe. China also holds the largest and most famous snow festivals. Generally, the festival starts in January and lasts for a month. The entire city is decorated with ice sculptures using modern laser lights to traditional ice lanterns. There are also buildings which are made with 2-3 layers of thick ice taken from the River Songhua. The country is also famous for its inventions. Cheap Chinese products are now ruling all over Europe, Asia and even Africa. Electronics, toys or clothes, China have imitated them to look like the original one and they supplying it all over the world with different logo and name. It is totally possible to buy products from other countries which are actually from China. China’s cheap products are not only beautiful to see, but are affordable to all, which makes it extremely popular in many countries of the world.

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