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Thinking about meeting the original hipster? The Hipster might be a global phenomenon, but there is a small country on the northern perimeter of Europe where hipster culture has had a particular impact. The country is Sweden. Urbanisation occurs at high speed here. In some ways, visiting Sweden feels like walking right into a fashion or home-decor magazine. There are no boring outfits on the streets of Stockholm, and the care with which houses, cottages, cafes and public spaces are decorated and kept up throughout the country is truly inspiring. Sweden has the largest population among the Nordic countries and is the third-largest country in the European Union by surface area. To the west, Sweden is separated from Norway by mountains and is connected to the south by a road and rail bridge to Denmark. Sweden ranks second in Europe after Finland in terms of technological achievement. In Sweden, hiking, camping, cycling, skiing, boating, fishing and foraging easily to get in on the action from just about anywhere in the country. Besides that, learning to speak Swedish is frustrating because everyone in Sweden already speaks better English than you will ever speak Swedish. After read all these things about Sweden, don’t you feel like to fly to Sweden right now? Hahaha…

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