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Known as Hellas since it’s ancient times, Greece is a country located in southeastern Europe. The capital and the largest city of the country is the Athens. Greece is strategically located in at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. The highest peak of the country is Mount Olympus, home to the gods and heroes from the ancient Greek mythology. Proofs of civilization from ancient Greek that lasted from Archaic period of 8th to 6th century BC still can be observed until today from the ruined architecture in Athens, Sparta and many other regions. It is almost a crime for travelers who visited Greece but missed the ancient sites from the early civilization such as The Parthenon, Temple of Apollo, Acropolis, Agora of Athens and many more. Apart from the ancient ruins, the city too offers a wide range of variety for the travelers. Santorini is a famous destination for honeymoon with the bright hue of white-washed houses and blue domes, complemented with volcanic caldera and gorgeous beams of sunrise in the morning. For a burst of excitement, take a stroll in Kalonaki for a neighborhood made for shopping, chilling in a coffee shop and trendy bars.

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