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Hungry is another landlocked country and it is located in the Central Europe. The capital of the country is Budapest. Hungary is a popular tourist destination attracting 10.675 million tourists a year in 2013. It is also home to the largest natural grasslands in Europe. One of the most popular attraction of Hungary is the spa and bath culture. There are roughly 500 thermal water hotspots in the country, which is 70% of Hungry where thermal water occurs and the water temperature is above 30°C. Take a dip in Heviz Baths with its warm water and enjoy the beautiful ambiance. Travelers can also enjoy the traditional music in a small town named Resck that’s famous for its vineyard and wine. There is also dancing offer present during the musical performance. For those who love to party, Siofok is superb especially during the summer. Travelers can also get their grooves up during Sziget Festival that is held in Budapest every August. The festival lasted for a week and the lineups includes famous performance from Iron Maiden and Lily Allen.

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