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France is one of the most interesting places to visit because there are so many people enjoy visiting the diverse country which offers natural beauty, amazing climate, outdoor recreational activities such as Golf course, art museum, and galleries. France is also well-known for its wine and cuisines because French people love to cook and they love their food so much. That’s what it makes the cuisine taste so good because they cook with passion. The typical French meal offers three to four courses including eating cheese before having desert. Most of the people come to France to enjoy their honeymoon with loved ones, what makes France as a top destination for a traveler is because France is rich in History and culture. If you visit France, you will found that the building structure reflects the history of this country. The design of the architecture is unique and the material used is expensive. Besides that, this country is also well-known for the best place to study and the courses offer are rarely in the education industries. For example, solar energy studies which educate the student about the importance of sunlight in our daily life and the best consumption of the sunlight to reduce the use of electricity and to reduce global warming.

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