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Jordan known as Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Kingdom, (2005 est. pop. 5 760 000), 35 637 sq mi (92,300 sq km), South West Asia. It borders on Israel and the West Bank in the west, on Syria in the north, on Iraq in the northeast, and on Saudi Arabia in the east and south. Amman is the country’s capital and largest city. In addition to the capital, important cities include As Salt, Ar Ramtha, Aqaba, Ajlun, Irbid, Petra, Madaba, Russeifa and Zarqa. Jordan also offers health tourism which is focused in the Dead Sea area, education tourism, hiking, scuba diving in Aqaba’s coral reefs, pop-culture tourism and shopping tourism in Jordan City. The city blends Muslim which is are Sunni Muslim and 1% are Shia or Sufi. Cities in the South of Jordan have the highest percentage of Muslim and Christians. The famous attractions in Jordan is Petra which is a city founded by chiselling stone walls in Jordan, Jerash city is divided into two which is old city and new city that have an ancient Roman heritage building, Amman City and Citadel is where people can see the Roman Empire, The Dead Sea has a salt content that people can easily float on water which is Marine mud has its own benefits for women especially for the skin and Wadi Rum is a place that can you imagine life on the moon or on Mars.

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