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Spain is often known for its lovely food, generous people, magnificent scenic view, and the sports that attract people from round the world especially Spanish La Liga starring Real Madrid and Barcelona which owned many stars all over the world such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Suarez. Both of this team has been rival for many years and they have been racing the title for decades. Beside that, Spain is famous for the bull fight which is known as Corrida de Toros in Spain. It’s a traditional Spanish practice where bulls are let into a ring and fight a matador. Traditionally, there are three stages of a Spanish bull fight- Tercio de varas (Lances third), tercio de banderillas (Banderillas third) and tercio the Muerte (death third). The bullfighting season in Spain lasts from March to October. Other than that, Spain is famous for their art and Flamenco is one of them which is originated from Spain. The world-famous Spanish dance of Flamenco is nothing but a wonder to see live. Flamenco is a very difficult dance form. It consists of 4 main components – cante(song), baile(dance), palmas(handclaps) and toque(the guitar playing). One has to skillfully combine all these components to make one elegant dance performance of Flamenco and it is no easy task.

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