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Montenegro is well known as the country of magical place because of the beautiful scenic view that it offers and the attraction are mostly in the structure of the building. Montenegro is a land of contrasts and natural beauty just like in childhood memories in which reality seems to shine with living colours. Three colours dominate the Montenegrin landscape which are blue, emerald green and iron grey, amazingly combined and interwoven.  Montenegro is a country located in South Eastern Europe. It has a coast on the Adriatic Sea and is bordered by Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, and Albania. The geography of Montenegro is varied from mountain ranges along Serbia and Albania to a narrow Adriatic coastal plain. The most visited attraction in Montenegro is Sveti Stefan which is located near Budva and it offers a tremendous sightseeing. In addition to support this point, there are many famous celebrities such as Sophia Loren, Sylvester Stallone, Queen Elizabeth II chose to visit this place when they are in Montenegro. Sveti Stefan was once a fishing village, but in the fifties it has change and turned in its entirety into a hotel in the Fifties, and became a hideaway for Hollywood stars and assorted royals.

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